We’ve planted the seeds  . . .  Come help us Grow!

Help us raise funds to continue the mission of Jeremiah’s Ranch.

Gabby Ledesma will be speaking and conducting an art project at Jeremiah’s Ranch support group meeting on Saturday Jan. 19 from 12 – 2 PM at the Senior Foundation “Club Room”. Gabby is pictured above with her art installation “Consumer” which is now on display in Sacramento.

Support group meetings are made possible by Fallbrook Regional Health District

Thank you Fallbrook Knights of Columbus for your support!

Thank you to Pala Mesa Golf Resort and our volunteers for supporting Special Olympics Golf this year. Basketball will start in 2019

Fallbrook Special Olympics Golf

The College of Adaptive Education finished up their Ceramics Class and is on break. Thank you Neill Ketchum!

Jeremiah’s Ranch Vision

Jeremiah’s Ranch was founded by a group of parents in 2010. It has built a community within Fallbrook offering many types of activities including a support group and Special Olympics. Jeremiah’s Ranch is now offering Special Olympics year-round.

Jeremiah’s Ranch has monthly support group meetings, educational guest speakers, parties, picnics, and dances. In 2015, Jeremiah’s Ranch opened the College of Adaptive Education, which is an inclusive non-accredited college experience offering evening classes such as Art, Dance, Reading, and Sign Language.