Jeremiah’s Ranch is Celebrating Five Years in Fallbrook

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$73,879 Raised

Help us raise funds to buy land and continue the mission of Jeremiah’s Ranch. The thermometer represents Jeremiah’s Ranch Land Fund Campaign.

Why Jeremiah's Ranch is Important to the Community

Jeremiah’s Ranch is about community

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Thank you to Dane Hansen for raising money for Jeremiah’s Ranch in 2016


Next Support Group Meeting
Saturday, April 15
Lenila Batali will be speaking about
The City of Temecula’s Global Citizens
& Viticulture Program

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

View a list of events that will be taking place soon, from activities to support group meetings.

Jeremiah’s Ranch Special Olympics Basketball begins Friday, Feb. 10, 2017 from 2:00 – 4:00 PM at Christ the King Church.


The College of Adaptive Education’s next class is Wire Sculpture with Suzette Phillips beginning Wednesday, April 5, from 2:30 – 4:00 PM. Register Forms on the CAE website.img_4293

Jeremiah’s Ranch Vision

In 2010, a group of parents came together in Fallbrook out of concern for their adult children, all of whom have a developmental disability. Their concern was what was going to happen to their child when they no longer could care for them them. In 2011, the nonprofit called Jeremiah’s Ranch was formed. The primary focus was, and still is, to create a community for their adult children to reside. Jeremiah’s Ranch has built a community within Fallbrook offering many types of activities.

Jeremiah’s Ranch has monthly support group meetings, educational guest speakers, parties and dances, and Special Olympics sports teams. In 2015, Jeremiah’s Ranch opened the College of Adaptive Education, which is an inclusive non-accredited college experience offering evening classes such as Art, Dance, Reading, and History.

Jeremiah’s Ranch is still looking for land in Fallbrook which would provide space to expand these programs and to meet the main goal of providing good housing. In the meantime, Jeremiah’s Ranch relies on various churches and venues within Fallbrook to provide the space needed for current programs. The next step for Jeremiah’s Ranch is to consolidate these programs to one location and have a place to call their own. To realize our goals, Jeremiah’s Ranch is seeking funding for the purchase of land, or purchase of a property which can be transformed to a community center.