Bonsall middle-schooler gives back to his community in a big way

Jeremiah’s Ranch recipient of Dane Hansen’s philanthrophy

Dane with Lenila Batali, Sandi Anderson, Linda White and Kim Bruce

Dane with Lenila Batali, Sandi Anderson, Linda White and Kim Bruce at Jeremiah’s Ranch Fifth Anniversary Luncheon

Fallbrook, CA   Eighth-grader Dane Hansen surprised Jeremiah’s Ranch at a fundraiser at Myrtle Creek Botanical Gardens & Nursery on May 14 with a check for $1500.  Sullivan Middle School in Bonsall has a community giving project called the 10 percent project, to inspire philanthropy among their students. Ten percent of a student’s grade for the school year involves creating a project which benefits others.

Dane decided to help the special needs population in the Fallbrook area. His mom, Luanne was acquainted with Jeremiah’s Ranch through board member Kim Bruce. They both attend the same gym. The primary focus of Jeremiah’s Ranch is to meet the housing needs of adults with developmental disabilities who reside in the Fallbrook area. Jeremiah’s Ranch also provides a parent support group, Special Olympics, and offers classes through the College of Adaptive Education.

Various family members and neighbors donated to the cause. Dane himself donated $100 he received from his grandmother for Christmas.

“My grandmother told me I was to give 10 percent of the money to a good cause. I decided to give the entire $100 to Jeremiah’s Ranch,” Dane said.

“I knew Dane was working on this project,” event organizer Sandi Anderson said. “We were surprised and thrilled he raised so much money.”

Dane was inspired to raise more money when he found out that Davidson Communities were a matching donor for the event.

“The generosity Dane and Luanne have shown to JR has touched my heart more than I can say.  It is wonderful people like them who will make all the difference in making our dream come true.  I can’t thank them enough!” Kim Bruce, Jeremiah’s Ranch board member said.

Dane will be going on to Mission Vista High School in Bonsall next year. When asked about his career aspirations Dane said “Being a real estate investor like my dad would enable me to give money to charities I like.” Dane’s passion is racing ATV’s.

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