Jeremiah’s Ranch will be a community of homes for adults with Developmental Disabilities where vocational, social and life skills are taught.  The organization is comprised of families who have children of all ages with various developmental disabilities.  What has drawn the families together is a common need: to have peace-of-mind as we look into our children’s future.  This future includes safe housing as they become adults.  The goal of Jeremiah’s Ranch is to enable them to live as independently as possible as they reach their fullest potential.  Should they outlive their parents, Jeremiah’s Ranch will be there to ensure they are given the best care possible.

Jeremiah’s Ranch will be a community of homes offering different levels of care. Fallbrook’s country setting is ideal for an environment where adults with disabilities can live near each other and have choices and opportunities for personal growth. For those in our Special Needs community that don’t live on the Ranch, Jeremiah’s Ranch will offer services and activities for families and their children. Jeremiah’s Ranch will also be a resource center for families in life planning and caring for their children.

Jeremiah’s Ranch has been Fallbrook’s leading special needs community since 2010 and is a recognized 501(c)(3) public charity.