New Session of CAE Classes begin April 5
Registration Forms on the CAE Website.










Jeremiah’s Ranch Committee Meeting

Friday, April 7
9:30 AM
CAE CampusEmmanual’s Baptist Church
911 E Elder

Open to the public

Jeremiah’s Ranch Support Group Meeting









Lenila Batali
will be giving a presentation on
The City of Temecula’s Global Citizens Viticulture &
Vocational/Hospitality Program
Saturday, April 15
Northcoast Church Warehouse
550 Industrial Way #C
6-7 PM Buffet provided by Z Cafe
7-8 Lenila Batali will speak about her experience with a slideshow

Jeremiah’s Ranch provides a social club during the support group meeting for children of those attending.

Ongoing Fridays

Special Olympics Basketball Begins
Christ the King Church
2:00 – 4:00 PM
thru early June
Need volunteer coaches
Call Linda White to volunteer or for
registration forms 760.805.5214